About Us

We are an independent software development group operating from Canada 🇨🇦, specializing in AI. All our software and models are run in-house and warehoused in Canada. We do not rely on third-parties for processing, to guarantee data safety. Have questions? Contact Us.

Are you looking to enhance your writing, boost creativity, or improve content uniqueness? Our paraphrasing tool is here to simplify and elevate your writing process. Experience the convenience of instant text paraphrasing using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Our tool restructures sentences while retaining original meanings and improving structure and word flow.

Why Us?

High Quality Paraphrasing

We use our own unique AI technology model that is trained to produce excellent results. This technology uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide human-like results without changing the meaning of text. Try paraphrasing several times using the same input to see our abilities.

Free and Unlimited

We offer paraphrasing for free and without accounts. Our paraphrasing limit is generous and we recommend splitting longer essays or text for best results. Our intuitive platform ensures a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices - no technical expertise required. Simply input your text and receive fast, paraphrased results at your fingertips.

Privacy By Design

Your data is not sent to a third-party for processing and is not retained or logged after we complete the paraphrasing job. We process everything locally and have full control to guarantee security and privacy. For more information please see our Privacy & Terms.

Craft Engaging Content

Whether you're a student, writer, or professional, our tool provides excellent paraphrasing and rewriting while generating fresh content. You can re-paraphrase multiple times to achieve the desired result by simply clicking the Paraphrase button an additional time.

Plagiarism Free Writing

Our free AI paraphrasing tool assists in transforming existing content into unique renditions. At times, you will need multiple rephrasing attempts prior to getting an optimal output. Always make sure to double check sentence structure and meaning before using the output.

Paraphrase Anywhere

The tool is optimized and runs efficiently in a browser for both iOS and Android, allowing you to use it without installing any applications easily. Create a bookmark and add it to your homescreen for fast access.


Write Better Emails

Provide a rough draft of your text and get a rewritten version free of mistakes. Our algorithm provides excellent retention of meaning and structure. Use the output as a starting point and paraphrase multiple times to continue editing until you have a perfect result.

Paraphrased email example

Compare Paraphrased Versions

Paraphrase the same sentence or text multiple times to see variants and different versions before choosing the most appropriate structure and tone. The restructuring tool is nondeterministic with each paraphrase run producing different results up to the semantic meaning of the provided text.

Paraphrase different versions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get in trouble for using a paraphrasing tool?

No, the online paraphraser tool is specifically designed to augment and help you write better by enhancing your essay through significantly changing the wording and style. It is used like any other resource such as a dictionary or thesaurus. Always check the output and read it to ensure it retains meaning and is adequate.

Does paraphrasing online count as plagiarism?

No, our unique paraphrasing tool stand above the rest and generates unique output which does not count as plagiarism. The text paraphraser helps users to rephrase text and avoid plagiarism while also improving the quality of your writing. You should still carefully check the output and ensure proper sources as cited if required.

Why is this the best paraphrasing tool?

💨 Paraphrase - Essay, paragraphs & more

✍️ Improves - Writing style, vocabulary, spelling & grammar

🔒 Private - Custom internal AI model

Great For

✅ Professional emails

✅ Instagram and social media posts

✅ Essays and letters